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About Us

At T.R.E. Medical Technology Consultants, our vision is to be the most trusted team in medical technology sales and become our customers’ partner of choice, our industry’s employer of choice, and our shareholders’ investment of choice.

Our Mission is our road map to achieving our vision and guides every aspect of our business by defining what we need to accomplish with our:

  • People: be a challenging place to work where we inspire our team to greatness

  • Portfolio: bring to the world a portfolio of quality healthcare products that anticipate and satisfy physicians’ desires and needs

  • Partners: nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, which together create mutual, enduring value

  • Planet: be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable communities

  • Productivity: be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization

T.R.E Medical Technology Consultants is a team of seasoned industry experts dedicated to providing effective solutions in healthcare.  We are professionals at the highest level, navigating an ever-changing industry to keep our clients at the forefront of medical technology, including orthopedic and pain management.

Healthcare professionals, hospitals, and surgery centers striving to set the highest standards of patient care choose T.R.E Medical Technology Consultants.  We are medical technology experts who exceed expectations through integrity, performance, and customer focus.

Every day, our hard-working consultants gather information from all available sources to recognize opportunities for our clients and pre-empt obstacles to providing the highest standard of care.  Our leadership team knows we are only as strong as the people who represent us.  That is why we reward integrity and performance and inspire T.R.E toward excellence.

Our dedication to building relationships ensures that we hear and understand the needs of our clients. The trust and confidence we have earned with our clients allow them to provide bold, definitive solutions to their patients without reservation.  Our comprehensive approach to education ensures that decisions can be supported across client organizations.  Healthcare providers, including offices, hospitals and surgery centers, know we understand their daily challenges.  Partnering with T.R.E lets them offer reliable, cutting edge solutions to their patients.

Doctors, hospitals, surgery centers, manufacturers and service and technology providers choose T.R.E. Medical Technology Consultants to create and maintain the connections that drive success.


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