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The Leader in Autologous Cellular Biologics

Unmatched innovation that truly captures the power of restoration


TRE MEDICAL directly distributes for EmCyte Corporation®. 


Emcyte leads in autologous cellular biologics with products that meet the highest achievable performance standard.  With over 18 years of experience, EmCyte has stayed committed to innovation that truly makes a clinical difference.  We have worked to stay on the cutting edge of clinical excellence, making the GenesisCS Component Concentrating System the most advanced concentrating system available.


      Today, PurePRP® and PureBMC® is more advanced than ever before, with more versatility, shorter processing times, reduced processing steps, better regenerative cell procurement and single device processing.  The new ASPIRE™ Bone Marrow Harvesting System is a medical marvel in bone marrow aspiration, accomplishing high quality quiescent bone marrow aspirate with minimal activation, free hemoglobin or clotting.  These products along with a host of other biologics and devices allow EmCyte to continue to lead in autologous regenerative biologics.  EmCyte's team of qualified specialist are available for advanced clinical and scientific training and support.  Don't hesitate to call for more information.  We are here to meet your clinical requirements. 


Sports Medicine

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Orthopedics has historically been a game of averages. Average sizes. Average shapes. Average results. No more. We make the implant fit the patient...Learn More


From basic tests and preventive screenings to the most innovative technology, we can serve all the needs of your patients...Learn More


Our pharmacogenetic panel identifies metabolic profiles to give prescribers information to choose optimal drug therapy for patients...Learn More


Put the power of medicine back in your hands. We customize medications to the needs of each of your patients...Learn More

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