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 TRE Medical is currently sourcing medical products for hospitals, medical practices, and surgical centers. We have one of the largest selections of medical products and equipment. We work very closely with the worldwide distribution chains to help fulfill medical supplies needs. 

When you’re running a hospital or surgery center, you need a distributor who can work with you to make sure you have what you need when you need it. From Medical supplies, to surgery packs and other surgical center supplies, we can help.


A distributor offering tools for distributing medical products and surgical supplies while also offering solutions for optimizing your processes is what you need.

Medical products, supplies and distribution from TRE MEDICAL

Hospital, Medical Practice, Surgical Center

Surgical Mask
Surgical Equipment Leasing Service
Preparing for Blood Test


Sports Medicine

To be the best partner for orthopedic surgeons in sports medicine, their patients and centers of care by working with them to identify medical device...Learn More


Orthopedics has historically been a game of averages. Average sizes. Average shapes. Average results. No more. We make the implant fit the patient...Learn More


From basic tests and preventive screenings to the most innovative technology, we can serve all the needs of your patients...Learn More


Our pharmacogenetic panel identifies metabolic profiles to give prescribers information to choose optimal drug therapy for patients...Learn More


Put the power of medicine back in your hands. We customize medications to the needs of each of your patients...Learn More

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