Total Joints

           T.R.E Medical Technology Consultants are the exclusive area representatives for ConforMIS knee replacement solutions. There’s a reason 1 in 5 patients are not satisfied with their traditional total knee replacement. In traditional knee replacement surgery, the surgeon selects an “off-the-shelf” implant from a range of standard fixed sizes, and then has to make the necessary adjustments to fit the implant to the patient during the procedure.


Because off-the-shelf knee replacements aren’t designed to your specific anatomy, surgeons have to compromise on implant fit. This compromise may result in having implant overhang (implant hangs over the bone) or underhang (the implant is too small, leaving the bone exposed and uncovered). It could also result in an implant that isn’t aligned properly.


Clinical studies have demonstrated that these compromises on fit can be the leading causes of residual pain after surgery. ConforMIS  designs implants to fit the patient, combining proven elements of standard knee replacement with iFit Image-to-Implant® technology to create customized knee implants and surgical instrumentation that are designed to fit the knee’s natural shape and curves. 


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